Project for Public Spaces | Book Review: Handmade Urbanism: From Community Initiatives to Participatory Models

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“[Citizen-led] urban renewal instruments might take an important role,” opines Istanbul-based planner Erhan Demirdizen in the new book Handmade Urbanism: From Community Initiatives to Participatory Models, “but only if the local authorities can turn these applications into local development programs.” In other words, policymakers need to figure out better ways to facilitate and channel the energy of engaged citizens, in order for their cities to reach their full potential.


Donovan Gillman‘s insight:

Recently attended a talk by PPS’s Fred Kent and was inspired by his methods  working with the people on the ground who know what is going on and doing "LIghter, Quicker Cheaper" to get things done, not waiting for for officials who he calls the "NO" people and designers who aim to imoratlize themselves and put buildings before people.

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Landscape Architect specializing in the design and project management of Commercial, Leisure & Urban Landscape Environments Currently researching for a PhD on the value and contribution of urban public space to the environmental resilience and liveability of cities.
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