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We’re Only Beginning to Understand How Our Brains Make Maps

All our instincts as “place” designers are well founded  it seems –  all of the fine details, ambiences and local differences we cherish are really important to how we navigate … Continue reading

05/06/2013 · 1 Comment

Digital Maps – Is what is mapped what is “really there”?

A flush of blog posts on on the rise of digital maps and apps for location  based services via smartphones and GPS devices lead via my readings of Actor-Network-Theory  (ANT) … Continue reading

07/11/2012 · 1 Comment

Q&A: Finn Butler on wayfinding design

Investing in evidence based design is far from common –  retail business’ mantra that “the customer is always right” is not yet firmly entrenched in the design professions way of … Continue reading

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How Motherhood Changes the Brain

If you wonder what motherhood has to do with  cities, then think – well where did you come from and how happy were you with your childhood/family experience – many … Continue reading

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Facial Monitoring: The all-telling eye

Pervasive surveillance is now becoming extremely personalized – is there an infringement of our private space – are we even aware of all the body language we imply in a … Continue reading

30/03/2012 · 1 Comment

Sunni Brown’s visual persuasion – Doodling & Creativity

Being a user of mind-maps, fast sketches and doodles  the translation to mainstream use and the removal of the frustration people experience with drawing – you all know,  or are … Continue reading

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Invisible Fields

From Domus An interview from Barcelona by Ethel Baraona Pohl I  see this exhibition, which I will only be able to see by means of its representation in images from cyberspace, as a tangible sign of … Continue reading

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As brain pathways deteriorate, so does our memory

Memory loss with aging especially short term memory – the kind that makes us forget peoples names and that makes my 92 year old mom repeat her stories to us over … Continue reading

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Robert Irwin on the Mechanics of Experience

From The Dirt Robert Irwin was the keynote speaker at the Parsons conference, “Aftertaste 2011: Immaterial Environments,” this past weekend. His lecture, “On the Nature of Abstraction,” was a meditation on … Continue reading

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