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For Driverless Cars to Succeed Wireless Infrastructure is Crucial

For the world envisioned in Minority Report with its driverless cars and big brother surveillance systems to become a reality (for better or worse?) much improved infrastructure is needed – two recent articles give indication of the drive to achieve … Continue reading

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Petrol, chocolate and a sales meeting:Business lounges in service stations

What’s the reality of “walkable cities?” If you are one of the mobile business consultants, salesmen or any one of a large range of contractors, who everyday you spend more than half their time traveling in their car,  truck or … Continue reading

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Nevada issues Google first license for self-driving car

The future’s, here – its just not evenly distributed yet – to paraphrase William Gibson- the end of traffic jams and the start of Minority Reports automated freeways – and all the visions of a distopian future a la Blade … Continue reading

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When transportation shapes cities

A history of transportation from Innov the City by Andrew Perrier translated courtesy of Google Until August 26, the City of Architecture and Heritage in Paris presents an exhibition devoted to the history of transportation in cities. Through a set design … Continue reading

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