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Jan Gehl: «Architects know very little about people»

Jan Gehl on his passion and mission for liable and human scale cities He likes high-rises only from far away, he thinks cars should be banned from city-centers and he wants … Continue reading

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For Driverless Cars to Succeed Wireless Infrastructure is Crucial

For the world envisioned in Minority Report with its driverless cars and big brother surveillance systems to become a reality (for better or worse?) much improved infrastructure is needed – … Continue reading

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Petrol, chocolate and a sales meeting:Business lounges in service stations

What’s the reality of “walkable cities?” If you are one of the mobile business consultants, salesmen or any one of a large range of contractors, who everyday you spend more … Continue reading

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Nevada issues Google first license for self-driving car

The future’s, here – its just not evenly distributed yet – to paraphrase William Gibson- the end of traffic jams and the start of Minority Reports automated freeways – and … Continue reading

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When transportation shapes cities

A history of transportation from Innov the City by Andrew Perrier translated courtesy of Google Until August 26, the City of Architecture and Heritage in Paris presents an exhibition devoted … Continue reading

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