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Two Views of Woodstock:Cape Town – “Upscaling” vs “Gentrification”

Here are two opposed views of the regeneration of an old area of Cape Town, Woodstock,   it seems inevitable that any upgrading or regeneration effort  runs the risk  being … Continue reading

15/03/2013 · 4 Comments

The High Line- An Urban Oasis in New York via thisbigcity

In thisbigcity Joe Peach has posted this tribute to one of urban restorations ‘success stories’ at least as it is being recognized in conventional American media – here by National … Continue reading

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The New Public Landscapes of Governors Island: An Interview with Adriaan Geuze

In PLACES Brain Davis interviews Adrian Geuze of West8 , winners of a competition for the reinvention of Governors Island New York: New York Harbor, Upper Bay, 1999, with Governors … Continue reading

05/04/2011 · 1 Comment

Eric Reynolds, Master of Low-cost, High-return Public Space Interventions in London and NYC

While I dont hold that “Place-Making” is enough initself to make a lasting diffenrce to a city , much more is required than quick fixes, it is worthwhile to note … Continue reading

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