Tom Leader Studio /KVA Team Wins Minneapolis Riverfront Design Competition

North American cities seem to be in the process of rebuilding themselves as compettions are posted and awarded to “Star( Landscape Arch)chitects” teams the latest reported on Bustler today:

“The bi-coastal urban and landscape design team of TLS/KVA – Tom Leader Studio(Berkeley) and Kennedy & Violich Architecture (Boston) – were named the winning team of the Minneapolis Riverfront Design Competition (MR|DC) at a press conference in Minneapolis yesterday”

“On January 28, the MR|DC’s 14- member jury of nationally known parks and design professionals and local decision‐makers met to evaluate the proposals. The jury’s evaluation was based on the criteria and deliverables outlined in the Competition Brief, as well as how well the proposals met the competition’s stated goals: establish parks as the economic engine for development along the river; knit communities on both sides of the riverfront to and across the river; and re‐focus Minneapolis and the region toward one of the three great rivers of the world”

Scherer Park Kayak Launch

The Jury’s comments : “Among a pool of proposals worthy of America’s fourth coast, TLS/KVA’s RIVERFIRST stood out as particularly well suited to the Upper Riverfront in Minneapolis. The team grounded their proposal in proactive outreach to the community, demonstrated extensive research, and posited several multi- ‐layered solutions unique to these 11 miles of riverfront and the habitat, communities, businesses, infrastructure, and culture intrinsic to our region,” says David Fisher, Superintendent Emeritus of the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board and an MR|DC jury member. Fisher noted that the jury valued the participation of the other three finalists and the talent and effort represented in the proposals they submitted.

Would such competitions improve the quality of our local environment?

Read More on  Bustler

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