Design Indaba 2011 – Cape Town – Sold Out

The coolest design event in South AfricaDesign Indaba 2011 takes place at the at the Cape Town Convention Centre and includes the Design Indaba Conference and Young Designers Simulcast from 23 to 25 February, and Design Indaba Expo from 25 to 27 February.

But there are still seats available for simulcast in Cape Town and Johannesburgt and the really cool expo you can visit from 25 -27 February and  lank events and interesting side shows, some of which I will be posting info over the next few days as well as featuring some of the cool people that are speaking

The DI FILMFEST 2011 at Freeworld Design Centre, 71 Waterkant St (on the Fan Walk) starts today 18 Feb and runs till 27 Feb with many exiting and  provocative films

One of the most engaging is the Massive Change Network launch – ever since the publishing of this book by Bruce Mau in 2004 I’ve been fascinated with the concept of us all taking part in the making of the cities of the future and it is this that was instrumental in spurring me to return to academia and complete my Masters in Landscape Architecture to  be better equipped to take part in the emergence of this future creation, so it will be exiting to participate inthis launch:

“Imagine harnessing the power of collaboration, science, creativity, design thinking, art and optimism to solve the world’s greatest challenges. Citizens could change and design the world for the betterment of not only our future today, but the future of generations to come. Join thousands of other creative proponents and designers across the world in celebrating the launch of the Massive Change Network in a live link with Bruce Mau and David Osterberg. The documentary The Plan will start proceedings, followed by a presentation, and a global Q&A and discussion session.”

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