In the Mesh (via Free Association Design (F.A.D.))

One of the intrinsic ideas of the “holistic/integral” ethos is the idea that everything is connected and the idea of “meshworks” is a constant theme of Integral Thinking such as that of Don Beck’s Spiral Dynamics and of many latter day ecologists: This post from Free Association Design takes up a part of the theme:

In the Mesh [Venice: With 6,000 sand cisterns, the city was "formerly a dense collection of fresh water aquifers, sitting in a saltwater lagoon."   Courtesy Archinect and Eleanor Pries' travels cataloged at Systems that Seep] In The Ecological Thought, Timothy Morton puts forth the idea of  "The Mesh": "Mesh is a short word for 'the interconnectedness of all living and non living things'…It can mean the holes in a network and threading between them.  It su … Read More

via Free Association Design (F.A.D.)

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