U2 – Bono -360 Show -Cape Town 18 Feb 2011 – AWESOME!!!

With my wife, Sandi, and 75000 others I enjoyed Friday nights show – the effects were awesome and the band were tight and Bono complimentary and “using” his connections to Madiba and Tutu to his advantage, but with no disrespect. Listening to 567 CapeTalk Radio this evening, its seems we were not alone in thinking the music loud, disliking Springbok Nude Girls but thinking the show was well organized and worth seeing.

I am indebted to Andrew Boraine” Blog cities for people for the following pictures and you can see more pics there.


The “claw’s” screens at full extension

Bono in full flight – five stories high

Shows like this make Cape Town stadium and the works completed for Soccer World Cup 2010 seem wothwhile.

The audience were definitely (almost) all “Whitey’s” and many of them were not even born yet when U2 had their first hits.

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