MRDC| Turenscape: THE RESILIENT RIVER – Beautiful Renderings

Although not winners in this competition, The  Minneapolis Riverfront Design competition was won by Tom Leader|KVA see earlier post here my own favorite was the design by Turenscape led by Dr Kongjian Yu of Beijing University and I thought it worthwhile sharing this design with all of you who might not have seen it elsewhere.  Reposted from World Landscape Architecture

Our design approach celebrates the Resilient River; we believe in the power of nature to heal, and the relevance of the River in the life of the people of Minneapolis. We take the long view, and see that changes in industry along the banks have happened before, driven by the market but also by the guiding hand of public policy and the aspirations of the River’s citizens. While we recognize the role of industry, and in many cases are enthralled by the scale of its work along the banks, we also remain steadfast in our belief that this landscape is worthy of respect, even reverence, and protection from harm. Our purpose then is to aid in healing the riverfront as a place of critical ecological importance, as well as a place for working and living. Where the River has been an excuse for dividing neighborhoods and peoples, we desire a place where people can come together. We concur with the view that parks can create new value on adjacent lands, but also propose that a new ecology of parks is necessary that makes productive use of the rich riverfront lands and waters, as well as the people on its shores.”

View a video of the design here TURENSCAPE

Master Plan

Master Plan Turenscape

View from the South

Carbon Neutral Neighborhood

Green Tech Industry

Wetland Eco Lab

Perkins Hill Skywalk

All images Turenscape


Dr. Kongjian Yu
Shihong Ling
Xiangjun Liu
Jie Bai
Yunqian Liu
Alta Planning + Design
Steve Durrant
SvR Design Company
Nate Cormier
Tom von Schrader
Lisa Town
Nathan Polanski
Meyer Scherer Rockcastle
Tom Meyer
Applied Ecological Services
Steve Apfelbaum
Summit Envirosolutions
John Dustman
Community Design Group
Antonio Rosell

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