Do large cities reverse climate change/ reduce population explosion?

Commentary in Treehugger from various sources how ambivalent attitudes are to intensive urban living and densification, with one contingent of such as the New Urbanists” extolling the virtues of city life and the prevailing ethos of commercialized “Urban Sprawl” holding onto each ones little patch of suburbia – despite the criticism of its heavy carbon footprint and lack of “urban buzz”. On the other hand we have the specter of Eastern style high-rise Ghettos and culture shock such in Shenzen, Hong Kong and Shanghai: As described  out by Architect Rem Koolhaas:

What this city does to people:

“If the transition from the English slum to the estate was traumatic, the leap from Chinese shop-house … to Singapore’s high-rise containers is even more merciless, not only in terms of material difference – from the Asian to the Western – but because the new inhabitants, cut off from connective networks of family relationships, traditions, habits, are abruptly forced into another civilization: the slab as time machine. (S,M,L,XL Koolhaas, 1995 ) How we deal with this is the challenge: DENSE _CITY WITH DIGNITY!

“Sarah Barmak writes in Corporate Knights, “the Magazine for Clean Capitalism”, about the Metabolic Metropolis. She reiterates the argument we have discussed before, that Cities burn less energy per capita than other urban forms, Green Metropolis: If You Want To Be Green, Live In New York City and Do We Really All Have To Live Like New Yorkers? Does Density Matter?) but also that urbanism puts a brake on population” growth.

Big Cities of the Future: Coruscant in Star Wars

Big Cities of the Future: Things to Come

“The article continues with an analysis of Canadian cities that is worthwhile reading inCorporate Knights, but I was fascinated by Doug Saunders’ quote. Here is an interesting interview of Saunders by Alan Gregg:”

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