Mini-sanitation for Megacities (via Encountering Urbanization)

Local decentralized sanitation (i.e.) sewage and waste recycling -not disposal in centralized plants at distance which consume energy and pollute the water systems with effluent and leaking pipes, is a major stumbling block at present -especially in terms of the local authorities and entrenched engineering and health regulations.
This example from VIetnam could show the way for many developing countries especially in Africa which lack central facilities and are urbanizing rapidly

Mini-sanitation for Megacities The rapid growth patterns of megacities in developing countries are unpredictable. Sanitation infrastructure, on the other hand, is pretty rigid. It's usually reactionary as well – housing sprouts up, and sanitation is dealt with later, often when donor funding comes through for big, centralized infrastructure. But could  sanitation infrastructure be designed to grow along with the settlement patterns of fast-developing urban areas rather than co … Read More

via Encountering Urbanization

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