Connectivity is only the beginning – networking is the goal (via The power of the network)

It is both encouraging and disheartening to see Tim Stonor of Space Syntax, talk about this global vs. local problem – Cape Town which, like most cities in the world, is fragmented by the infrastructure projects of the recent past and has recently been again attacked by planners and engineers at the behest of politicians and business men to further increase freeways and build a huge stadium for the 2010 Soccer World Cup, which with much fanfare and bluster, has come and gone, faded from our TV screens and left little in the way of lasting benefit- just some new monuments to concrete engineering and an unfinished and contested BRT system. How will this change take place ?- I guess as he writes, by more and more of those who see the problem networking and spreading the tools and info across the world and maybe reaching a tipping point – like the current Middle Eastern Political crisis?

This photograph, of an aerial view of the Cape Town Stadium and the V&A Waterfront, was taken by Cape Town. Live it. Love it. group member Jean-Marc Rosseels.

For digital users 2010 was the year to get connected; 2011 will be the year to become networked. It is one thing to buy an iPhone, join Facebook and Twitter, get a blog, friend and follow. It is another to keep it all going. Already, people are being encouraged to unplug. But why unplug when it is possible to network? How? The solution is to link Twitter and Facebook to a blog; to connect the blog to LinkedIn, taking advantage of the interconnect … Read More

via The power of the network

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