World Water Day 2011 – Cape Town to host main event

Cape Town will be busy again in March hosting the main conference event UN Water’s World Water Day from 20 – 22nd March 2011 at the Cape Town International Conference Center.

Cape Town with its Mediterranean climate having wet Winters and dry Summers as can be seen now around the city how the landscape becomes dry and brown and with past water shortages all but forgotten it is important to keep in mind the essential nature of water to life and how many people do not have access to safe clean and pure drinking water while some of thoughtlessly use waste potable water on gardens and car washing. Finding ways to conserve and rethink out use of water and how to recycle and reuse it as many times as possible , while still allowing it to flow through the natural system without polluting that system further downstream from us, is  one of the many water related challenges which will be focused on at this conference and all over the world on March 22nd which is WORLD WATER DAY 2011

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Another great photo from Kolkata, India was added to WWD2011 Flickr Photostream by Roy del Vecchio. The World Water Day photostream now contains over 400 of your photos from cities across the globe. Do you have any Water for the Cities photos? If so you could add them to our Flickr photostream.

This is the first time in human history that most of the world’s population live in cities: 3.3 billion people …and the urban landscape continues to grow.

38% of the growth is represented by expanding slums, while the city populations are increasing faster than city infrastructure can adapt.

The objective of World Water Day 2011 is to focus international attention on the impact of rapid urban population growth, industrialization and uncertainties caused by climate change, conflicts and natural disasters on urban water systems.

This year theme, Water for cities: responding to the urban challenge, aims to spotlight and encourage governments, organizations, communities, and individuals to actively engage in addressing the defy of urban water management.

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