Racial fireworks in Politics and Business: John Galliano & Dior – Trevor Manuel & Jimmy Manyi

This week has seen the reemergence of of globalization’s ugly hidden face: Racial tensions, conflicts and resentment both locally in South African politics and internationally in business: Can anyone be surprised when the legacy of global imperialism surfaces in diverse forms:  be it the centuries old colonial “coloured” or “creole” or the millennia old anti-semitic forms? History seems intent on not allowing these urban dragons or gremlins to lie sleeping!

In Paris John Galliano is fired for anti semitic remarks captured and aired on a You-Tube video which prompted first his suspension as Dior’s lead designer and then firing after their perfume celebrity and Oscar award winning actress, Natalie Portman, herself  of Jewish decent descried the star fashion designers actions:

In South Africa  Cabinet Minister , ex Minister of FInance and  veteran of the apartheid struggle,  Trevor Manual, causes a furor  with an open letter published in the Cape Times newspaper on Wednesday, accusing the ruling ANC parties spokesman Jimmy Manyi of being a racist: The original letter can be read here on SkyscraperCity:

What deep tensions and bitter feuds are buried in the bricks and mortar of our cities?

If we dig deep down in the layers of programming that has been laid down by our ancestors prejudice will we maybe not all find some wound of this thorn in our flesh – then will we think is it best to remain silent or since the first stone been cast….?

I think it is right to lance these festering boils and bring them out into the open!

What do you think?

Donovan Gillman

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