Bon Voyage? Visualizing Where Trash Travels (via Encountering Urbanization)

Where does our waste go when we dump it in the trash or even if we recycle it? Here are some answers for American junk – I wonder how much of ours is recycled into things we get back again in a another form? We (Cape Town residents) are not currently very good as our city does not collect separated waste- nor are our voluntary processes great – but if you take some effort – like my good wife – then you can take your sorted paper, plastic, metal tins and glass to the local dump where eager hands will sort it further for recycling. We need to do more of that and our systems should “learn: to support us!

Bon Voyage? Visualizing Where Trash Travels Being so soon after the New York blizzard melted and revealed mammoth piles of frozen garbage hiding in piles of dirty snow, it seems an inopportune time to talk about visualizing waste. Most city dwellers see plenty of it every day. But our trash is taking a pretty interesting journey from city to city, continent to continent. The three stories below give us glimpses into the path our garbage takes and the people behind converting it from waste … Read More

via Encountering Urbanization

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