Flower shops & Lively Communities – 1 (via A BIRDS’ EYE VIEW of the Property World)

Being Horticulturists and my mother having been a florist and competition flower arranger, something we have always enjoyed when walking round cities in Europe and the East is the fantastic displays of flowers in street markets and on the pavements outside flower shops which enliven and enrich the urban vibe!

Flower shops & Lively Communities - 1 Westbourne Grove, London – April 2009 This is Sunday morning… Good time to go out for a walk: I've always been amazed by how a flower shop or kiosk could completely change the character of a neighborhood… if it is given some allowance besides "the lease line"!…  Do you really think an element as simple as a flower shop could contribute to the value of a Property? We do… among other things. Enjoy this coming series of "Flower Shops & L … Read More

via A BIRDS' EYE VIEW of the Property World

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