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Arup are one of of the leaders in planning of green cities, well known as the designers of Dontang Eco-City, which although sadly seemingly now downgraded was a seminal model for similar projects worldwide.

Dongtan: The world’s first large-scale eco-city?

Their competition winning C-Life -City as a Living Factory of Ecology for the Jatkasaari brownfield develpeoment in Helsinki FInland is equally interesting and state of the art in Sustainable design as it takes a significant portion of its input from public engagement with future users, which is remarkable for an engineering oriented approach.

The Arup Journal profiled here although heavily biased to engineering contains some interesting articles on landscape interventions as well – look especially at 3/2009 with an article on Songdo IBD Central Park, Korea. This also gives me an opportunity to profile Arup’s contribution to sustainable design along with their remarkable engineering acomplishments continues the tradition of their founder Ove Arup.

Arup Journal A great resource filled with technical and visual information relating building technology. In the current issue of Arup Journal there’s an article about the Denmark Pavilion Expo 2010 Shanghai. In the article it covers various aspects of the design process as well as a detailed coverage about the structure of the building. Nonetheless, the rest of the magazine is worthwhile reading. … Read More

via dA Digital Lab

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