Five Sustainability Tools for the Built Environment and Beyond

This post from thisbigcity describes five sustainability tools, an essential component of taking evidence based design into reality, being based in the UK it makes no mention of Australia and South Africa’s Greenstar version , which like all of the others,  except Arup’s SPeAR are limited to building related metrics.

Arup’s software is not yet  available, but the related ASPIRE software is but only for use for academic purposes and can be purchased for commercial use, so there is, as far as I know,  still no public domain holistic perfomance measurement system for sustainability design and testing. If anyone can point one out to me I would appreciate the information.

With sustainability an increasingly important factor in decision-making, building developments are less likely to be driven by economic gain alone. To be considered truly sustainable, social, environmental and economic needs must be taken into account. However, achieving comprehensive sustainability is complex, resulting in numerous tools emerging for a sustainable built environment and beyond. Here are five of them:

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