The Suburbs’ Second Growth (via The Dirt)

I am certain that the decline of the suburbs as seen in many American cities will follow through to us here in South Africa, but the will to reshape them is lacking and in the face of the desperate needs of the ‘other suburbs’ in the squatter camps of the ‘suburban poor’ we need a different vision of sustainability in much of the global South. Still it is interesting to see the process being outlined in North America.

The Suburbs' Second Growth Reprinted from the April issue of Landscape Architecture Magazine (LAM). In honor of National Landscape Architecture Month, the April issue is available for free online. For decades, people have bewailed sprawl and demanded that we stop developers from spreading it any farther. While urbanists have proposed numerous alternative development patterns and zoning regulations that might improve the quality of future new construction, there hasn’t been … Read More

via The Dirt

One thought on “The Suburbs’ Second Growth (via The Dirt)

  1. Moss Turner says:

    Its an interesting debate, and one I am having in our own office right now.I’m swimming upstream against the calls for densification of our urban areas – for the reason that I believe we are designing ourselves into a corner with regard to food security. If, in a post-peak-everything scenario we find that food production must, by the necessity of economics be (for the most-part) grown ourselves and we have crammed our urban spaces into standing room only, we have precluded the possibility of opening up areas for food production. Suburbia may offer some very useful spaces for the redesign of urban fabric that we should be banking for the time being. Its the law of requisite variety, and we should not give up the advantage of flexibility that is the legacy of suburbia without a great deal of forethought from a number of perspectives.

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