all(zone) shophouse transformation- Bangkok via Domus

The “shophouse” that we are familiar with from all over the East and in many other less developed countries, which we love and search out when we walk through our favorite cities and villages, even the rural towns of South Africa and in the colonial suburbs of Woodstock and Salt River in Cape Town,  is an integral form that stretches back centuries and can be seen in the petrified houses of Pompeii and Herculcneum and in countless other earlier incarnations and  has been virtually eradicated from many of them by new developments which seek to implant the Western shopping culture of Malls and Shopping Centers, destroying the fabric of once eminently habitable streets and replacing them with endless strip malls and roads for cars with their fly overs and links to freeways. The model of the shophouse is,  as Prof. Fabio Todeschini,  of the University of Cape Town’s Urban Design program has been pointing out for a long time, an ideal one for developing middle density urban areas, one that is in keeping with the local environments and familiar to most of it inhabitants. Here it is interpreted in a new way, with the  frightening backdrop of mass urbanization, as can only be seen in these Asian cities and redolent of the nightmare scenes of the movie Blade Runner.  Surly developing this idea further is a worthwhile cause – even if the form chosen here is not what all of us might have in mind, its a good start and well worth publicizing: Here from Domus by Rachaporn Choochuey

Thai studio all(zone) experimented with the shophouse, a common vernacular typology in SE Asian cities until rapid urbanization supplanted it

Project description
“The shophouse was the most common building typology of Bangkok during the process of urbanization of the city in the past century. Due to the rapid economic developments in the past few decades, they quickly became obsolete. Bangkok’s urban fabric today is full of underutilized shophouses in most of its prime areas.

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