How video is changing Landscape Architecture via World Landscape Architecture

Damian Holmes of World Landscape architecture has some  interesting examples of how moving media are shaping the way landscape is conceptualized and presented

Over recent years video and digital animation have become another design tool for landscape architects and education and professional institutions.

For landscape architects digital animation and 3D rendering has become cheaper and cheaper to produce with tools such as Sketchup, 3Dmax, rhino, and maya allowing design firms to give clients another perspective and sense of place. Some of the amazing videos that are now produced are using a mixture of pure animation, still renders and imagery are stunning to watch. With the recent advances with VRL and 3D its a matter of time that the only limit will be the imagination of designers.

Recently education and professional institutions have started promoting their events and courses with the advent of cheap digital video cameras and the ability to publish cheaply with sites such as Youtube, Vimeo, Viddler, Metacafe, Youku. Recently professional institutions such as ASLA, AILA, Landscape Institute have used Youtube and self published video to increase the profile of landscape architects.

Below are some examples of how video is being used in landscape architecture. I would love to hear and see how you and your organisation are using video in landscape architecture. Drop me an email at

SOURCE: Vimeo – TAICHUNG GATEWAY PROJECT by Stan Allen Architect from darina zlateva + takuma ono]

Project: Taichung Gateway Park City; Location: Taichung, Taiwan, R.O.C.; Architect: Stan Allen Architect, Princeton, N.J. – Stan Allen (Principal in Charge); Carlos Arnaiz (associate partner and project designer); Benjamin Cadena, Marc McQuade, Rosalyne Shieh, Frank Mahan, Ryan Neiheiser (project team); Engineers: Arup – Trent Lethco, Susan Lim (traffic); Consultants: Arup – Trent Lethco, Susan Lim (planning); Scape – Kate Orff, Daniela Fernanda Serna Jimenez (landscape); Long I – Carol Wang, Christina Liao, Ritchie Huang, Jing-Yao Chang (local planning); David Tseng (architecture and urban design advisor to the City of Taichung); Client: City of Taichung, Mayor Jason Hu; Animation and Visualization Support: aershop – Darina Zlateva and Takuma Ono

Links for more examples of video here


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