Landscape Urbanism & New Urbanism: it shouldn’t be so divisive (via The power of the network)

I thought it worthwhile to repost this is an lucid commentary on Landscape Urbanism and New Urbanism in respect to the post by Duany on CNU’s inclusiveness and previous post by Waldheim, Tim Stonor sets out the problems created by this divisiveness in professional territories and that both are tending to create localized silo’s that further disrupt the fabric of the city at its human scale making it more difficult to integrate the continuos urban movement economy and as he lays out in the post on Spacial Layout – giving over the design to traffic engineers and politicians…..

Summary Despite the efforts of each party to highlight its differences, there is a significant overlap between Landscape Urbanism and New Urbanism, both positive and negative. Positive: a concern about urban harmony. Negative: a tendency to fragment (call it sprawl). Urbanists of both colours would do better to recognise this common ground and realise that fragmented urbanism risks the social, economic and environmental health of cities. Some tho … Read More

via The power of the network


One thought on “Landscape Urbanism & New Urbanism: it shouldn’t be so divisive (via The power of the network)”

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