City Beautiful: Slum Aesthetics (Part 1) (via Encountering Urbanization)

Like the busloads of tourists who come to view the urban “townships” for South Africa such as Cross Roads, Khayalitsha and Soweto, this article questions what is happening while promoting the vibrancy and intensity of these places -s glorifying them the right thing to make them more habitabel for thsoe who don’t only visit but have to live there?

City Beautiful: Slum Aesthetics (Part 1) This is the first of two posts on outsiders and art in Mumbai’s Dharavi slum. I recently checked out a screening of Dharavi: Slum for Sale, where director Lutz Konermann was on hand afterward to discuss his film documenting the story of how powerful real estate interests are eager to develop Mumbai’s massive Dharavi slum. The Q&A quickly devolved into a “who has the most slum street cred” smugfest, from which I quietly excused myself after th … Read More

via Encountering Urbanization

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