The trajectories of Elizabeth Diller

From domus an interview with Elizabeth Diller of ‘trans-disciplinarians extraordinaire” Diller & Scofido whose work on numerous projects with a wide range of professionals is so remarkably memorable and shapes the environments and perceptions of all who come across them or even see them for they are very photogenic , yet it is a loss to only see them in pictures …..

An interview from Beijing by Brendan McGetrick

he famed partner of Diller Scofidio + Renfro discusses her rebellious impulses and the development of an intensively interdisciplinary contemporary practice

Over the course of the millennia-long, multinational development of architecture, the contributions of women have been essential but under-recognized. In the age of early modernism, female designers began to gain prominence, but largely behind the scenes and often without fair compensation. The history of modern architecture in particular is contaminated with anecdotes in which female collaborators were relegated to the shadows while their male colleagues soaked in the spotlight: the movement’s most revered masters, Mies van der Rohe and Le Corbusier, each had a female collaborator—Lilly Reich and Eileen Gray, respectively—from whom they famously took inspiration and credit. The fact that these women’s efforts were misidentified is both a personal injustice—to Reich, Gray, and others—and an intellectual deprivation to the generations of designers that have followed them but not benefited from access to their thoughts and ideals.

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