Fancy designing an Olympic Park?-Rio 2016 Olympics Park International Design Competition


Registration for the Rio 2016 Olympics Park International Design Competition began on May 3,2011 and closes on June 20,2011.  June 30, 2011 Submission deadline for proposals — 18:00 GMT(+3) Brasília

The General Urban Plan that is the object of this International Public Competition will be the instrument that defines the occupation of the area, which is expected to occur with the highest-level technical project and implementation. The Plan will define public spaces, public squares and parks, and the volume of the main equipments. It should also suggest volumes for future real estate ventures to be developed in the area.

The Olympic and Paralympic Park will be located in the neighborhood of Barra da Tijuca, due West from the city’s main business district, in a roughly triangular plot of land, of approximately 1,180,000 sq. m. (12,700,000 sq. ft.). Its perimeter is  bounded on two sides by the Jacarepaguá  Lagoon and dispersed residential development and on the remaining side by Abelardo Bueno Ave – an important strategic route into and through the region.

The Competition should favor wide-ranging contributions and establish an integrated approach that ensures that the Project’s requirements are incorporated into the planning, development, and delivery of the Olympic Park installations, from concept to construction of all of its elements.

It is expected that the Competition result in a high-quality Olympic Park not only for the sporting events, but also for the region and for the city, as expressions of contemporary culture.

A Minimum Team is required to enter the competition including:

General Coordinator

Urban Design Coordinator

Infrastructure Coordinator

Competition Prize

1st Place: R$ 100,000.00 (One hundred thousand Reais);  (63,000USD – Converted by LAND Reader)

2nd Place: R$ 50,000.00 (Fifty thousand Reais);  (31500 USD- Converted by LAND Reader)

3rd Place: R$ 25,000.00 (Twenty five thousand Reais). (15750USD- Converted by LAND Reader)

See the competition Rio 2016 Olympics Park International Design Competition website for more information

LAND Reader is not involved in the organisation or running of this competition please send all questions and requests to the competition organisers.

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