TEDxCapeTown: Caron von Zeil – Reclaiming Camissa

Caron von Zeil, the founder and director of RECLAIM CAMISSA has a Master’s degree in Environmental Planning and Landscape Architecture, from the University of Cape Town. She is a complexity thinker, systems designer, urbanist and an activist for the environment, social justice and peace. Reclaim Camissa is part of the World Design Capital 2014 bid.

CAMISSA, meaning ‘the place of sweet waters’ is the ancient Khoi name for Cape Town. Embedded, lost and obscured within the city’s fabric this vital ecological and cultural link still exists….

The vision is one of a genuinely progressive dual water management strategy that offers opportunities for new models to transform the future wellbeing of the city into an equal society for all people; and allows for public integration and education through the recreational use of the system.

CAMISSA is a development framework which through the use of water, focuses on the re-instatement of the ecological link that reunites the mountain and the ocean, into a public landscape, as a sustainable solution for Cape Town’s CBD.

SOURCE: Youtube
CREDIT: TEDx Capetown

2 thoughts on “TEDxCapeTown: Caron von Zeil – Reclaiming Camissa

  1. Johan Koekemoer says:

    Hi Caron,

    Very interested in the design etc of
    a stadium. Would like to hear a bit more.

    Kind regards

    • Caron von Zeil says:

      Hi Johan
      I have never designed stadium – not yet, anyway 😉 So I’m afraid I cannot help you on that one. However, are you perhaps the Johan Koekemoer I worked opposite at Horne Lutz Architects in the 1990s?
      regards, Caron

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