David Eisen: Landscape urbanism – The challenge of implementation

BY DAMIAN HOLMES of LAND Reader More on the topict from an Architect:

David Eisen AIA recently posted Landscape urbanism: The challenge of implementation on the Boston Society of Architects blog.  David raises many valid points about the issues facing landscape urbanism and moving from academia to real world implementation. David writes about Stoss Landscape Urbanism, Ground Inc., Field Operations and the High Line in  New York. David post is a good read for anyone interested in landscape urbanism beyond the academic ideals. 

Urban vs. rural, architecture vs. landscape, man vs. nature—these design dichotomies seem to have served professionals well. They are not only useful intellectual constructs dating back to Adam and Eve but also effective regulatory tools. By defining realms of authority in an understandable way, they allow complex projects to be funded, approved and built in an orderly fashion.

Practitioners of landscape urbanism, however, question whether these distinctions remain meaningful in an era of limited resources and environmental threats, suggesting we can devise more-sustainable approaches to development by emphasizing the inter-relationships of ecological systems and urban construction. And they say no one is better equipped to distill a design direction from these fluid patterns than landscape architects. Recognizing environmental interconnections, however, challenges not only the usual architect-on-top hierarchy but also the property lines and regulatory sectors that define how we design and build.

Read the original articleon LAND Reader 

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