Why Farmers are Embracing Social Media

It’s not just African farmers who are embracing digital technology as posted on Kenyan Farmers, nor is this technology geographically confined – further blurring the lines between the urban and rural as repeorted here by Joe Peach of thisbigcity via Sustainble CIties Collective

By Madeleine Lewis – broadcast journalist and co-manager of Farming Futures.

She grew up on a dairy farm, bought her first calf when she was seven, and her husband’s a dairy nutritionist. So when Michele Payn-Knoper was stumped by her Holstein dairy calf not weaning, she did what any self-respecting 21st-century dairy person would: she went onto Twitter to get some advice. Within 20 minutes she had six ideas. One of them (to put grain directly into the milk) solved the problem and, one year on, her calf has just been bred – a social media success story.

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