Contested Mobility, Future Cities, and Public Light

A debate on the highly charged topic of personal mobility – discussed by a mixed bag of people and other events in New York

An architecture report from New York by Gideon Fink Shapiro via domus

At the recent Festival of Ideas for the New City, an account of its major events, DrawThinkTank: Emerging Territories of Movement, Audi Urban Futures Initiative, and Flash:Light

“I move therefore I am.” This is the axiom of our time, according to Eva Franch, director of Storefront for Art and Architecture. It was also the motif for a rapid-fire symposium entitled DrawThinkTank: Emerging Territories of Movement 15×360 Manifestoes, hosted by Storefront in collaboration with the Audi Urban Future Initiative, and held inside raumlabor’s inflatable Spacebuster on 7 May as part of the Festival of Ideas for the New City. How does mobility shape the contemporary city, and how can designers in turn reshape the way we move collectively and individually? Such were the challenges explored in three successive sessions of five distinguished panelists each. Like the festival’s heterogeneous street fair taking place on the streets of the Lower East Side, the three-hour event had an energetic informality as well as striking juxtapositions, curiosities, and predictable fare. The zeppelin-like elliptical bubble served as a pop-up marketplace of manifestoes in which words and images were the sole currency.”

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