Urbanization News May 13 (via Encountering Urbanization)

More about why city indices and livable city rankings are so simplistic – I think many of them are drawn up by media journalists rather than real people – if one is living a mediated life then these seem real enough – if one considers where one like to be in one’s own city or any other a different picture emerges- how can we rank all the variable that matter o people – without an understanding of our audience and its needs?

Urbanization News May 13 This week's featured articles are two more critiques of common city rankings.  One is from Ed Glaeser' Economix Blog and the other is from Edwin Heathcote at The Financial Times.  Both pieces interestingly enough have similar arguments to our recent posts City Index Part 1 & Part 2. Edwin Heathcote Liveable v lovable:  Ricky Burdett, who founded the London School of Economics’ Cities Programme, says: “These surveys always come up with a list … Read More

via Encountering Urbanization

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