Amazon Shoppers Becoming E-Bookworms

The end of books as we know them or market hype?

By Erika Morphy E-Commerce Times

Amazon Shoppers Becoming E-Bookworms

The e-book era has arrived, according to Amazon, which is selling more Kindle books than hardcover books and paperbacks combined. “People are feeling more and more comfortable reading on digital displays,” said Azita Arvani of the Arvani Group. “That — combined with all the advantages of not having to carry a heavy load, paying relatively lower prices and instant access — has made e-books very popular.”

mazon (Nasdaq: AMZN) has reached a momentum milestone: Its customers are purchasing more Kindle books than print books — hardcover and paperback combined. This day was clearly coming. In July 2010, Kindle book sales surpassed hardcover sales. By December of that year, Kindle books overtook paperback books, becoming the most popular format on Amazon.

The company backed up its assertion with some numbers — although, as usual, not all the numbers necessary to do a deep dive into this trend. For instance, since April 1, it has sold 105 Kindle books for every 100 print books sold, including hardcover and paperback books that offer no Kindle version.

A more telling comparison would be sales revenues by category, which Amazon did not provide, although it did specify that its units-sold figures do not include free e-books.

Amazon did not respond to the E-Commerce Times’ request for comment.

Read full report  here

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