Realizing Energy Modeling’s True Potential

 A report and links for downloading the full details of BRM’s energy modeling summit. While these efforts to model  building level energy strategies, are encouraging for reducing carbon footprint,  piece by piece, as it were, I feel they are too narrowly focused on the individual building level, the efforts need to broaden to model more of the environmental impacts at local street level as well as including a more integral approach by adding water, cultural, economic and social impacts to become more valuable -from Spark the RMI eNewsletter.

Building energy modeling has enjoyed a steep adoption and market uptake curve over the last decade.

However, the two biggest demand drivers—building owners’ need to comply with regulations and codes, and desire to comply with voluntary programs like LEED and tax and utility incentives—do not always support the objective of widespread low-energy building design and operation.

Rocky Mountain Institute’s new report, “Collaborate and Capitalize: Post-Report from the BEM Innovation Summit,*” takes a first step to outline opportunities to advance the future of energy modeling and increase collaboration in the building energy modeling community.

(Learn more about RMI’s leadership in building energy modeling.)

“What we’re really trying to do is get energy modeling used early,” says Erik Kolderup of Kolderup Consulting. “Performance requirements, asset rating requirements, absolute energy standards…will start getting people thinking about this earlier.”

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Download the report
*Note: While the content presented in this report was developed in a collaborative consensus process, it does not imply an endorsement of all statements and proposed solutions by each attendee or partnering organization.

Read all RMI coverage on building energy modeling 

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