arata isozaki + andrea maffei associati: citylife

More “starchitect” architecture masquerading as “urban design” I can only sympathize with this comment on the post by nicola brambilla as being the voice of the people who live there crying out in disgust at he manipulation of intentions by economic and political interests

i’m from milan, i live very closed to the area where they’re building it, so i think i can spend a minute to say a word.

i just want to say that this project it is really NOT what people from milan NEED.
In the competition there were other projects (like Renzo Piano’s masterplan) really well-designed, BUT (guess what ?!) WAS CHOSEN THE ONE WITH THE BEST BUYING OFFERT (the one is showed here).

i’m very sad about this.

i’d like to think in the future will be the people that LIVE around to CHOOSE what is better for the CITY


‘citylife tower’ by arata isozaki + andrea maffei associati, milan, italy
image courtesy of arata isozaki + andrea maffei associati

designboom recently visited the milanese studio of arata isozaki + andrea maffei associati, where wereceived an exclusive look at ‘citylife’, the new skyscraper currently under construction at the historic fairgrounds in milan. designed in response to the city’s chaotic industrial core, the office tower features a differentiated form which looks to reinterpret and simplify the complex, urban tension of milan. part of a larger master plan, the design reflects the city’s changing aesthetic, its slim, modern facade representing a renewed urban center.

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