Beautiful Concrete: grupo bondi: m. bench at DMY berlin 2011

Can you believe this is concrete? Why don’t we have this quality of materials in our streets and public spaces – think what could be done with local motifs- I know it’s decoration but how interesting.

‘m. bench’ by grupo bondi at DMY berlin
image © designboom

spotted at DMY berlin 2011, the ‘m. bench’ is an ottoman created by grupo bondi, an argentinian design practice started by ivan lopez prystajko and eugenio gomez llambi. made out of cement, this seat uses a patented technology to produce what appears to be a plush ottoman. moved by the contradictions in their city of buenos aires, grupo bondi recovers the poetics of inanimate objects by subverting expectations. imagining a narrative for the ‘m. bench,’ for instance, the designers explain:
‘born out of its aristocratic life, it turned into stone in order to endure the unmerciful weather, live outside, sleep under the stars and be connected to life.

See more pics and the inside..

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