Would a biker ride an electric motorcycle?

A look at how our perceptions govern what we might expect  others to do rather than what we might do ourselves? Would you ride an electric motorcycle? I would not as I think any type of  motorcycle dangerous in our climate and considering the road sense of many of our drivers here in Southern Africa. From Smart Planet by David Worthington

Imagine credit: Orphino

Orphino is one of several start-ups that are attempting to popularize the electric powered motorcycle; its recently announced model resembles a roadster, and tops out at 75 miles per hour. The burning question is whether motorcycle enthusiasts would really buy it.

An electric chopper is hugely contradictory to the motorcycle’s classic outlaw image, but many of today’s riders care much less about appearances than pragmatism and price. An Orphino will take you 60 miles on a single charge, and breaks the oil habit.

I asked some of my friends who already own bikes whether they would consider riding the Orphino, and was surprised by their answers: a resounding yes, with the caveat that it would not be suitable for the occasional weekend long excursion.

An urban denizen in his early 40’s responded that he would consider riding one around Philadelphia, while a baby boomer aged family friend from my hometown of Churchville, Pennsylvania, thought that the Orphino’s range was ideal for most riders.

“75 is pretty decent,” said the family friend. “The reality is that most guys who ride don’t ride a lot of miles at any given time. I ride 13 miles to work. Most ride normally 30-50 miles.”

Interestingly, my urban friend’s observations that the bike might be great for the streets of Philadelphia mirrors the findings of a recent Pike Research study that concluded electric motorcycles and scooters will bridge the gap between rapidly increasing density and inadequate transit infrastructure in growing cities.

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