African Carbon Emissions – Info-graphic

I found this interesting Info-graphic  on veggie.buntch and followed up the site  AFROGRAPHIQUE where a host of other interesting graphics are available, I couldn’t resist adding the one on cell phone market share as well – Nokia might be having a hard time elsewhere in Smart phones but they are still tops in Africa
: Scary to see that South africa is ahead of Brazil and has the highest emissions on the continent – I suppose it goes with being Africa’s economic leader?

2 thoughts on “African Carbon Emissions – Info-graphic

  1. kimzee says:

    Hey Urban Choreography! Great site 🙂
    FYI -SA has the highest CO2 emissions in Africa because about 95% of our electricity is generated from coal.
    Our emissions intensity (amount of GHG emissions per unit of economic activity) and per capita emissions are therefore particularly high too.

    • Urban Choreography says:

      HI kimzee – yes I know – but we hate Nuclear – and our old boys and new boys are all in bed with the mine owners and oil companies so we ignore all talk of any change to renewables or pay it lipo- service, lifestyle change is beyond our aspirations and so we will live in our black cloud……

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