Strelka Institute: Urban Design vs. Dystopia – Rem Koolhaas

Within the framework of a Russian “urban renaissance” a continuation of the critique of current  architecture and its lack of urbanity now radically implemented in a research and and educational program led by Rem Koolhass and OMA amongst other luminaries of the ‘architecture’ profession somewhat ironically in that the critique of complicity in the depletion of meaning in the face of individualistic and materialistic control should find a place in contemporary Russia where the intensity of oligarchic materialism seems at  a peak! This is well worth watching if you are at all interested in relevance and social impact of our design interventions.

Here an exposition of its intent or context in a video of  and in the expanded article from [polis] on the work of this institute

Introduction to Strelka

Jiang Jung, Strelka instructor and chief editor of Urban China, presenting a study of geopolitics and urbanization in Russia and China.

Strelka is located on the Moscow River in an adapted section of the former Red October Chocolate Factory. It was conceived during a casual conversation among friends at the Venice Biennale 2009, based on shared concern over the course of urban development under former mayor Yury Luzhkov. This group of design and media luminaries — including Alexander Mamut, once known as “the Yeltsin family banker” — inspired Rem Koolhaas and OMA/AMOto develop and implement an educational program aimed at preparing designers to address complex problems in Russia and around the world. The institute was announced at last year’s Venice Bienniale and the first group of students began in October.

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