It is noteworthy that the week that Apple became the worlds largest company by stock market capitalization ( a suspect measure if there ever was one) , they should release the information that their new campus `(read corporate head office) should be officially submitted to the Cupertino City Council from OpenBuildings by Antonina Ilieva.  Looking not unlike an alien craft landed in a forested field, it reminds me of a ‘future” that is forever prejudiced by having been designed in the past…. as science fiction author William Gibson stated “the future has already arrived – its just not evenly distributed yet”

image: Foster + Partners; Apple Inc.

If you love Apple and fine ingenious design as much as we do, you will be thrilled to hear that the beautiful, environmentally-aware Foster + Partners designed new Apple Campus is now one step closer to becoming a reality. The Cupertino City Council has just announced that Apple Inc. has submitted a development proposal for their new Apple Campus.

image: Foster + Partners; Apple Inc.

The proposal covers a 175 acre area bounded by the I-280 to the South, Wolfe Road to the West, Homestead Road to the North and North Tantau Avenue to the East.

image: Foster + Partners; Apple Inc.

Cupertino Council have explained the proposal includes:
An Office, Research and Development Building comprising approximately 2.8 million square feet;
A 1,000 seat Corporate Auditorium;
A Corporate Fitness Center;
Research Facilities comprising approximately 300,000 square feet;
A Central Plant; and
Associated Parking.

image: Foster + Partners; Apple Inc.

Cupertino’s review process will consist of:
Environmental Impact Assessment (including traffic, noise, air quality, etc.) during which there will be opportunity for public comment
Development review
Public hearings at the Planning Commission and the City Council.

View our previous comic mashup video on Steve Jobs’ first presentation to Cupertino City Council:

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