Trevor Manuel’s South African Government NPC goes YouTube

It is very encouraging in the sea of “bad mouthing” that african polticians and govenments get, that an initiative such as the National Planning Commission should exist and that it should have at its head the likes of the very highly regarded and successful ex-Minister of Finance Trevor Manuel, who is widely regarded as being responsible for the best run of the SA government departments, namely SARS ( the South african Revenue Service), now in his position as National Planning Minister he is innovatively tackling one of the most daunting jobs in any country and especially in South Africa with its legacy of colonial and apartheid divisions, newly resurfaced racism and general 21st century cynicism  and apathy. From the Daily Maverick

South Africa faces nine key challenges – that’s the word from the National Planning Commission. But to get the critical buy-in from everyone concerned, it first needs to inform and explain; the NPC has turned to YouTube for help. By SIPHO HLONGWANE.

Trevor Manuel’s first job is explaining what the future holds. A 10-minute video posted by the NPC on YouTube explaining what it’s all about, and what the nine challenges are is the first step in the commission’s long walk to win the hearts and minds of everyone. It needs to explain why it exists, and in a manner clear and compelling enough so ordinary South Africans can buy into the plan.

A 10-minute video posted on YouTube comes closest to explaining what the commission is, what it is trying to achieve and why anyone should care. It shows an artist drawing out a summary of the speech given by Manuel, who explains (once more) what the commission is all about.

The video is in line with what we’ve come to expect from the NPC – innovative and compelling rather than in-your-face and brash. It’s not a big-budget production, but it gets its message across clearly.

Watch: 9 challenges facing South Africa – diagnostic report:

Want to read about it – the full skinny on the Daily Maverick

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