Alexander Cuthbert on Urban Design Methodology

How do we change the way cities are conceived when the extant division of profesional territories inhibits any change – a book reference from [polis] by  Melissa Garcia Lamarc
We have also seen that urban design methodologies remain seriously connected to rationalism as the favoured methodology, one where linearity, hierarchy and modeling dominate (Figure 1.8). Hence, the suggestion that urban design should adopt a context derived from the social sciences, particularly spatial political economy, stands in contradiction to the continuing rationalist position in urban design methodologies.

How then do we supplant a navel-worshiping rationalist process with contextual and encompassing urban design methodologies that are qualitative, feminist and sustainable? To retain our design skills and meaningfully inform their use, we are therefore forced to look much deeper into the human condition if we wish to develop an urban design knowledge that is courageous, humane and relevant.

— Alexander R. Cuthbert, from “Understanding Cities: Method in Urban Design,” 2011.

This is part of a collection of quotes related to cities. They don’t necessarily reflect our views, just topics of interest. We welcome you to add others. 

Credits: Image of the Kartal Pendik Masterplan from Zaha Hadid Architects

3 thoughts on “Alexander Cuthbert on Urban Design Methodology

  1. urban planners says:

    I think town and city planners are required to do due diligence when town and city planning. They must take many things into consideration that might have a positive or negative influence on the community as a whole. Planners and policy makers cannot always be sure how a proposed action will affect the city as a whole.

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