Real-life SimCity: Choose what’s built in your city

Is this the way we can participate in what happens in our city? From Smart Planet By Tyler Falk

It’s a simple question, “What would you build in your city?”, but a new Washington, D.C. startup thinks it could transform the traditional patterns of real-estate development.

Popularise acquires vacant properties and asks the local community to vote on what business should open in that location. Businesses that are interested in opening in the location are added to the list. Of course, if you’re not feeling the ideas, you can suggest your own. Whichever business get the most votes gets to open their store. The idea is to make real-estate development more about what the community wants, says co-founder Ben Miller:

We created Popularise as a new way to approach developing authentic places, by using the web to give development power back to local residents.
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