What is Network Design Methodology?

A post from ecosistemo urbano translated by Francesco Cingolani of immaginoteca.com which addresses a concern of all of us in the bloggosphere “Then, “If we all spend our time writing on our blogs, who will have time to read them?”. That is what I asked myself a while ago, when I started my own blog.” so in the same way – if everyone is busy designing  the city – who will be out there to build it or to experience it? This has overtones  of the dreams in the movie Inception where the deeper you go – the more difficult it is to resurface to reality or even to know what reality is – this is  no different to what every drug addict experiences in his addiction – my belief is it is necessary to share your views with other REAL PEPOLE in the REAL WORLD now and to incorporate their views with your own – thus experiencing their world alongside your own. We are thus what we share as well as what we create.

Image: Creative Networking by Amber Case (Flickr)
The article begins by explaining a networked-learning project carried out at Ecosistema Urbano, called Urban Social Design Experience, and explains how this project allowed to define network design methodology. At Ecosistema Urbano we are actually applying network design in the projectdreamhamar.

The article has been originally written in Spanish for La Ciudad Viva and then it has been translated by @la_madalena for dreamhamar blog

“Learning is not a product of schooling but the lifelong attempt to acquire it.” – Albert Einstein

For several months we have been developing in Ecosistema Urbano a project focused on expanded education. These last few weeks, we gave it a close look and we would like to share our thougths with you.

The project in question is Urban Social Design Experience (USDE) and we presented the first session – which ended recently – as a series of online courses (experiences). During these experiences innovative approaches and lines of work in urban culture and urban management were presented.

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