What Is Your Water Footprint?

An interesting visualisation of water footprints around the world from Protein

What Is Your Water Footprint?


Harvard Graduate School students of Architecture and Design Nickie Huang and Joseph Bergen’s latest project gives a visually compelling insight into the extremity of water footprints throughout both the developed and the developing world. Entitled What Is Your Water Footprint? and creating using a combination of Adobe Flash, Illustrator and Textmate, the interactive map incorporates an extensive range of data-sets with both factual and statistical information regarding the water resources available to different countries and individuals therein.

Although nothing new, data visualization has gained an increasing amount of popularity over the past few years, the visualizers remark on the power of the data visualization as a communicative medium, especially in the sense that almost anything can be reduced to a set of data. Moreover, the project is completely dynamic in the sense that, based upon the understanding that there are certain gaps in the datasets, users are invited to e-mail the designers if they feel that they can contribute to the accuracy of the visualization. The full project can be viewed here.

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