It seems certain now that microbiology underpins everything – according a microbiologic view of evolution we (humans & their cells) are in essence “endosymbiotes”( Lyn Margulis) that have evolved to transport our microbes around the world in a more efficient manner and the Earth itself a living “sentient” being (Gaia Hypothesis – James Lovelock) composed of a balance between its physics and its lifeforms which act to ensure its biosphere maintains the precise conditions for the survival of its passengers. To think that we as a unwitting and unknowing species,we have no control of our autonomic bodily functions nor are conscious of most of what goes on daily in forming and maintaining the world above and below us, however “evolved” we think we are, have the power to destroy this magnificent place is pure hubris on our part! A system so evolved will surely autocorrect itself and use its part to engineer self correcting mechanisms – however painful that auto-corection might be for those living at the time. To become more in tune with our bodies and the invisible co-inhabitants in our cells and in the “last frontier” the soil beneath our feet, is surely the work of the future bio-engineers and bio-(landscape) architects of the later 21st century – in all the line between them will become ever more blurred, and we can in fact learn much from civilizations with more wisdom who have been more in tune with the planet and their own energies (dao -chi – prana) than Western civilization and its “science” has been to date.

Moss Tea

It dawned on me that the 20th century was the reductionist, mechanistic ‘Age of the Engineer’

The 21st century will be the ‘Age of the Biologist’

We are already very clear that nothing exists in isolation, and the interrelationship of the Elements of the Whole are more significant that their respective qualities when studied in a vacuum.

We (engineers included) need to study the rising (Yin)energy of the sentient world more, and focus less exclusively on the descending (masculine/Yang) of the mechanistic world.

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