Light Candy – always appealing light is a way to enliven the urban scene and blurs the interface between the built and natural environment adding mystery to boring places and making the everyday exiting as well as safer ti use.


As any lighting designer will tell you, lighting shapes how we perceive spaces. Think of whether you will walk down a street or not, visit a place again or not, or think a place is significant or not. City streets with burnt-out street lamps may make you pause while well-lit ones encourage you to move through them. Joyfully-lit locations that use rich colors invite crowds, revelry, while boring ones don’t inspire us to return. Monuments in any country’s capital city are always bathed in carefully-planned lights, demonstrating their value. Lighting can scare or depress us or lift our spirits.

A French landscape architecture firm, Exit Paysagistes Associés, took a scary street tunnel through Avenue de la République in Sartrouville, France, and turned it into a lively, sophisticated pedestrian path. In Landezine, they write: “The tunnel’s envelope made of stamped stainless sheet steel adopts the light variations of the city and establishes a lightning continuity from the street…

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