What are our inalienable rights in life – let alone societies ? “We can’t choose where we are born…..to go to go to sleep, or to wake up (John Gray – Straw Dogs)

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Vaccination Rights Teminated!


By Hwaa Irfan


There is a curious development taking place within the U.S. pertaining to what rights a citizen has over their own health, and one that may not only pertain to American citizens. It has probably been unfolding for a long time the result of which protects the interests of the medical and pharmaceutical industry over the God given right to choose. It is a development that most are probably are aware of to some degree, but when it verges on a crime to defend that personal choice sanity has clearly been removed from the  equation.

When one hears of such curious occupations as a Vaccine Right lawyer that pretty much sums up the desperate measures that have to be taken in order to defend one’s right over one’s health. Patricia Finn is one such attorney.

Taking into context the passing of the bill…

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