It is more likely that retail properties big owners – the banks will be unable to suppress their and their capital partners – big retails unending greed – – I hope you are right – but fear there will be far more collapsing before they are prepared to accept a changed role.


At BIRD’s EYE VIEW View, we focus on retail-driven property, more commonly and restrictively called “Shopping centers”

We believe Retail is, among others, essential to sustainable urban communities.
Montesquieu once wrote: “Là où il y a le Commerce, il y a la paix – Là où il y a la paix, il y a le Commerce”.
One could argue retail is not necessary Commerce with a Capital C. Correct. Montesquieu meaning of Commerce might have been closer to “social exchange” rather than “interchange of goods”. But we like to think that both are necessary for a peaceful community.
Property is usually understood as “the possession of a person, the ownership of a company”. As far as “Retail driven property” is concerned, we like to extend this meaning to “something at the disposal of the community”. But that part has been left behind in most Retail driven properties… Retail has become over…

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