bracket [goes soft]: Dredge Locked

A system to contain dredged material that is then used to create a natural-ized wetlands -where nature is contained in a man made envelope from Archinect

View of wetlands/locks—–continually in construction/remediation.

View of wetlands/locks—–continually in construction/remediation.

In anticipation of today’s event, Publish Or… bracket [GOES SOFT], we are showcasing a piece from the book each day this week. We hope to see you tonight!


Dredge Locked
by Alex Yuen

Unnoticed by many, Houston’s shipping channel, like many such commercial waterways around the globe, is subjected to a continual process of dredging, in order to maintain a certain breadth and depth to accommodate the vessels that enter and leave Houston every day.  This material, however, is seldom regarded as anything but waste and is deposited and contained, either within the channel or on shore, taking up space and spreading the harmful bi-products of the petrochemical facilities in the area.  Up to this point, such actions have rarely been scrutinized and this system of isolating and hiding the contaminated material, even at such a massive scale, continues.  Yet as the world and Houston move into a new era of awareness and accountability, major possibilities are lost by simply sweeping these materials under the rug.

“Especially near coastal areas, where the need for confined disposal facilities (for dredging) is the greatest, the competition for other land uses such as housing, recreation, and nature reserves is great”

– The International Association of Dredging Companies

Image: A new hybrid infrastructure serves as a container for dredged material, a fi lter for contaminated liquid and housing units or parking structures, becoming the main building block for a new ecology and urbanity

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