With the intensity of urban migration in both upwardly mobile types and the urban poor – both looking for beer futures – maybe this old idea has found its time?


I am relocating and it is not to a neighbouring community or across to the other side of town but across the country. I am now knee deep in the daunting process of purging and packing. As well, I am trying to secure a new apartment and so far I haven’t found the ideal space. To further complicate my situation, I love my current apartment – its the right size, has a great lay out, super neighbours and to top it off I have a good size studio set up in the back garage. I would love to be able to pick up my apartment and studio and relocate it across the country.  It would make my life so much easier and it would be less stressful and in the sixties my idea of relocation was not as far fetched as it sounds.  Archigram, a collaboration of six British architects who…

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