Cathryn Gusavson will be one of the speakers at IFLA 2012 Congress in Cape Town in September

laud8 -landscape architecture+urban design

The North End Parks, covering 122,053 ft² area, is designed by Gustafson Guthrie Nichol.

Built on three acres of new land on the I-93 “Big Dig” tunnel roof, The North End Parks is at the prime entry to downtown Boston’s densest neighborhood.

The design responds to community desire for a welcoming, urban meeting place that contrasts with expansive paving of nearby City Hall Plaza by offering a more intimate, textured space.

The Parks are designed as a system of varied spaces that serve the finely-scaled residential neighborhood, while forming together as one, a unified threshold piece at a grander civic scale.

In the “Home Crossing” design, a series of zones are crossed as one moves from City (Government Center) to Home (North End).

At the entry to Home, a “front porch” and pergola are provided as a spatial extension of the lively streets and sidewalk activities within the neighborhood.


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